Why Work Here?

At Neversoft, you are part of a single team with one clear goal – to make the coolest games possible. If you think you might fit in with our team, we’d like to hear from you!


Did we mention the amazing benefits we offer?
Here's a sneak peek!

  • Activision 401K plan with employer match
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Three weeks paid vacation per year, plus a week between Christmas and New Year's Eve

What Employees Are Saying

“Right from the start, Neversoft impressed me with their efficient, professional manner - an approach that not only inspired confidence, but exceeded the expectations I was looking for in a company.   I recommend Neversoft to any Designer.”


 “I came to Neversoft because their main goal was to make AAA games.  Nine years have passed and our desire to make the best game out there has never died.”


“What’s great about working at Neversoft is that we really are a solid team. Unlike a lot of studios, designers sit around the animators, artists, and scripters. Every developer is encouraged to be just as creative, open minded, and well-rounded as the person sitting next to them!  Neversoft has an old school style, with a new school attitude. Rock on!”


“Every day, I am impressed by the supreme quality of my colleague's work and I feel their contagious passion for making the best game possible.  This collective push for excellence has nurtured a work-hard-play-hard company culture that makes Neversoft such a fun and exciting place to work.”


“Working for a company like Neversoft is why I got into this industry.”


“It’s just great to get up in the morning and go to work with such a creative, fun group of people.”


“For over 10 years now, Neversoft has been my home. Every day has provided a fun and interesting challenge. I love coming to work, and I consider the folks here my second family. I look forward to many more fantastic games, and many more good times!”


“Fun games, huge franchises, talented developers, and a great studio culture: Neversoft is truly an awesome place to work.”


“It is awesome to witness the confluence of intelligence and creativity on a daily basis.  That’s how great video games are made.”


“It’s not often that you find a studio where people strive to create great gaming experiences every day. The amazingly talented staff and the intense drive possessed within the studio to continually improve, shines through in every title created.”


“Bow, Wow, Wow! Ruff! Ruff!" 


“Since my first week here when a co-worker ollied the gap between the conference tables, I knew this was the place for me.  It’s been a fantastic 11 years since then, and I look forward to many more to come.”


“Hard work with talented people, abbreviated with yoga and whiskey.”


“I knew this would be an interesting place to work when a large, fluffy white dog (Riley) crashed my interview and no one blinked.”


"I like that the people here really enjoy working together and then, when the work is done, have fun together. And we make sure not to take ourselves too seriously."


“Most people say “there is no place like home,” but I say “there is no place like Neversoft.” To say the least, this office feels like one large home, with a large amount of household members, without any segregation between employees and the management.”


“I've made great friends here that I have fun working with every day making great games.”


“Neversoft’s strength is in its people.  From top to bottom, I work with the industry’s most talented group of misfits and characters.”


“I love working for a company that makes the best video games.  Neversoft treats their employees well and creates a fun work environment.”


“I love working at Neversoft and being part of the creative team here. Working on a game from the beginning, when it is just ideas, all the way up until the end, when it is released and people are playing it, is an exhilarating experience.”


Other Perks

We provide catered lunches from a variety of local restaurants, a ridiculous assortment of beverages, fresh fruit and snacks. We have on site Yoga and Pilates classes taught weekly and we offer gym discounts. We also have a company mascot, Riley, roaming the studio every day to provide some emotional comfort and fun distraction to our hard-working employees.